Thursday, March 4, 2010

Diverse Voices

On Lincoln Avenue this week, I'm talking with literary scholar Michele Fazio, who studies multiethnic America literature, much of it also reflecting working-class perspectives.  The interview explains, I think, why such work matters, and I hope Michele will inspire you to get reading.  Here are some of the books Michele mentioned:

Pietro Di Donato, Christ in Concrete
John Fante, Wait Until Spring, Bandini
Carol Maso, Ghost Dance
Louise Erdrich, Love Medicine
Sherman Alexie, Indian Killer

For longer lists of good working-class literature, visit the Working-Class Literature page at YSU's Center for Working-Class Studies.   Wikipedia (of all things) has lists of writers from 9 different ethnic and racial groups on its page for the organization, Multiethnic Literature of the United StatesVoices from the Gaps, a web project at the University of Minnesota, provides information on a variety of women writers and artists of color.   

Happy reading!

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