Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vote yes on Issue 8

Among the many issues on the November 4 ballot is a levy for the Western Reserve Transit Authority, Issue 8 for Mahoning County voters. In this week’s Lincoln Avenue, sociologist Denise Narcisse provides an overview of national research on the value of public transportation, but she also shares stories from the local context. You’ll find links to some of the data Denise cites in her August 25 blog on Working-Class Perspectives. As she suggests in our interview and in our blog, substantial evidence suggests that support for public transportation pays off in economic growth and improved quality of life.

Public discussions of this issue have largely reflected the long-standing divisions between the suburbs and the city and, sadly, between those with resources and those who are struggling. I stand with all of those who argue that supporting this levy is both the right thing to do in terms of social justice and the smart thing to do for the future of the Valley. But don’t listen to me. Here’s what some other area bloggers have to say:

Election day is coming soon. Vote early. Vote yes on Issue 8.

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